Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lenten Pin A Day

Lent is approaching.  Late, almost as late as possible, but even though the buds are sprouting from the limbs of the tree out my window...Lent is due to begin.  The church invites you to a Holy Lent.

What makes a holy Lent for you?  What reconsideration, what devotion, what prayer, what project?  Furthermore, how do you invite the young people in your life into this formational practice?  The interwebs are full of interesting ideas and directions and patterns.  There are a multitude of devotionals, free and for a fee...some are available here.

So this is my Lenten project, LENTEN PIN A DAY and I am inviting you to join in the journey with me.  To your left is a list of words, some from hymns, some from prayers, some from the Five Marks of Mission.  What if each day you did something with this word?

  • Respond in poetry or musical composition or Legos or clay or crayon.  
  • Perhaps you like surfing the web and you discover an online image to go with the word.  
  • Bookish?  Then what about a quote with the word. 
  • School age children can be challenged to look up definitions of words..and then to do something with the new knowledge.  
  • Or maybe, just maybe, you can use this word to craft an action statement for yourself and your community.  
The response possibilities are endless. The goal is to lead you into a more creative, imaginative and impactful Lenten devotion.  One that draws you closer to union with God in Christ and closer to his mission for his people.

If you want to join in, save the list.  Save it as your device wall paper.  Print it out and put it in your wallet.  Or constantly visit this blogpage.  :)

I invite you to find some way to gather these on a wall at home, online or within a journal.  If your children join the journey then be sure to save and share their responses.  Save them on your device and post regularly, or share your pin a day journey as one complete series on Holy Saturday (April 19).  If you do pin or tumble or tweet or instagram...let us try the marker of : #lentenpinaday .  I will if you will.

My responses will go on my pinterest page.  

Let us find for ourselves a holy Lent.

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