Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Deep Blue Something or Other

a sea bound adventure for senior high youth, since before I was such
In these last days
young hearts sat at in vinyl thrones
under steel mast and vacant crows nest.
Resting in primordial dressing
Taught hands glazed with sea and sun.
Steep stone cay crashing into salty waters
Reflecting the warm fluid firmament of heaven,
Ringed with scrubby green brushes,
Followed by the moon, the stars and the sky.
Alone at the edge of the deep blue something
the horizon within reach before us
restraints slouching far behind.
No concerns of rations, of consequence
Of ethics or justice or peace.
Summoned paradise, fitted for freedom.
Kings and queens of alternate dimensions
For this we were born, for this we would die.
Every eye could see, every heart could hear
The other side unfurled
Blessing unveiled fears released.
Subtle slick hull slicing through deep blue forever
Havana daydreams full of grace.
All was possible, the books laid open
Dominion that does not pass away
Wholeness that is nothingness
Lines between in and out ceased.
The ship could have sailed through the sky
Our gleam could have carried the ship on a solar wind
Hearts of fiery flames
Cries were not cautioned now
Abundance without an opposite reaction.
Everyday apocalypse not of inestimable horror
An ascending pursuit of redemption.
Crouched in blue sea bliss
Reaching out to touch the edge of being,
Transgress the realm of fear
We found the enchanted isle where not could not be.
Plunged off the edge into warmth pain suspended
Thrilled by soaring heartbeats
Passions of salty goodness
Liberation by trust
An alpha and an omega of the eternal trip.
We who once were but strangers are now householders
Embracing the tides, kissing the sea lion

Seeking the shore across the sea.

by jag

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