Monday, November 26, 2018

Adv-CHRISTM-any Cheat Sheet: Christmas Lifelong Learning - 5 videos in 12 days.

Christmastime is here.  12 days, starting on the 25th of December, of service and love and connectivity.  Perhaps you have plenty of time in transit to catch up a bit on your lifelong learning.  Maybe you are wondering what we just did and what did that song mean?  Merry Christmas, and let's learn and grow like newborn children.

Let heaven and nature sing.  The incarnation of God in the child Jesus is the revolutionary crossover of divine and earthly.  For post-modern-ish people, something leaping over comfortable categories isn't such a drastic idea.  However, it hasn't always been so.

God became flesh and dwelled among us.  Trinitarian theology isn't exactly a straightforward biblical idea, but it is part of how Christians came to share how they experience all the divineness of God in their encounter with Jesus, who was alive at a certain time, and also alive now and we feel this through the Spirit.  Complex, and a sacred mystery to learn a bit more about here.

Everlasting peace.  We may think we know what we are praying for and celebrating when we speak of peace this Christmas.  However, the biblical idea isn't as simple as a pop song.

We only hear from Titus in the Sunday lectionary on one day/night of the year.  It isn't the familiar poetry of the prophets nor the tenderness of the Luke or the daring prologue of John.  Yet it does belong here - that the salvation of the world isn't by staying out of the mess - but by being present with righteousness in the muck of the world. 

There are always three good questions for your lifelong learning in the way of Jesus. Perhaps you want to journal or comment on your responses.

What leaped out at you?
What do you want to know more about?
How does God speak to your life in these summaries?

And two more - how do these videos foster deeper faith and bigger questions this Christmas season?  Is this the not religious best Christmas song, ever? Discuss.

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