Monday, November 19, 2018


Some days I feel like Mr. Rogers. 
I live in a rectory (parsonage), and I my office is in that rectory.
I have the pleasure of seeing my cats all day (I think they have gotten bored of me). 
I can eat my own food and make my own tea (my dish volume has gone way up).
Some days I don't even leave the property (not my favorite if days like that pile up). 

Yet I get dressed for work each day (I don't typically wear a collar, but I am dressed for the office).
I need to do that.  There are all sorts of reasons, but I NEED TO DO IT. 
It is getting my game face on, tying the cape, sharpening the stake.
I wear work shoes.
At home I typically wear flip flops (they should stay at home, at the pool, or in the shower!!!!) in the summer,
and slippers in the winter.
Yet now, I am here.
In the same building.
What would you do?

I need a distinction sometimes between what is work and what is home.
So I change my shoes.
I wear work shoes when working - or at least 'officing'.
And other things the rest of the time.
I change my shoes,
And often my top layer.
Also helpful to reduce the cat hair.

I feel like Mr. Rogers.
Moving from inside to inside,
but changing the garb.
I can see his zip-up sweater.
I can hear the trolley.

If you work at home, what do you do to make the distinctions?

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