Monday, March 3, 2014

Lent Youth Quest

I need the quick and honest responses of  6-12th grade youth from across the church.  The answers will be used for a church wide publication. All cited responses will include first name and home state, but no more than that.    Please reply in the comment section below.

There are four questions may answer as few as 2, however I would love to hear about all 4.  Please number your answers and use complete sentences!

  1. Do you give anything up for Lent, or take anything on?
  2. Is Lent important in your home?
  3. If a friend asked you to summarize Lent in one word or phrase, what would you say?
  4. If you could come up with a brand new symbol/icon or logo for Lent, what would it look like?
If you are still looking for a Lenten devotion you could try Lenten Pin A Day..or some good suggestions here.  It is never to late to begin a Holy Lent.

[The resulting article can be found Building Faith]


  1. Melissa Glen
    North Carolina

    1) Yes, I always try to give something up or take something on for lent.
    2) It has never been an important thing at my home however, and my parents always seem like they are too busy to worry about it.
    3) Reflective
    4) I would probably make the icon a mirror or something similar, because for me lent has always been a period of reflection or meditation, where I can take a good look at myself and how my life is going at the time. I use it as a time to recognize things I could do better or change, but also things I am doing right. It pushes me to change the image in the mirror and make it more like the image of God.

    1. Mirror image! I love that. Thanks so much for your reply!

    2. can i ask what you are choosing to give up or take on this year?

  2. Cidney
    1: yes, i usually give up things that i know wouldbe hard to do without as a test.
    2: its important, but i feel that my household gives in too easily to their choices where as i really try to uphold to mine.
    3: Representative
    4: to represent Lent i would use a chalkboard. I would.use this because chalkboards are associated with learning and figuring things out. To me, thats what Lent is; its learning just what you will do for what you belive in and figure out just what you might not need in life.

  3. 1) I like to read from the old testament during Lent.
    2) Lent is important, but sometimes I don't think I fully am grasping the meaning of it.
    3) Thought
    4) The ash crucifix.

  4. 1) Yes, I try to always give something up during Lent.
    2) Lent isn't really a special or different time in my house.It is observed, but I'm not sure if we make it important.
    3) centering
    4) to represent Lent I would use a candle, symbolizing the meditation and peaceful calm that comes at Lent.

  5. From my formation class this morning:
    images of soup and an echo of the mirror icon.

  6. I asked a few youth this past Sunday and here are their responses:
    Youth A: 1. Yes; 2. yes, some; 3. simple/simplify; 4. veiled cross
    Youth B: 1. yes; 2. a little; 3. sacrifice; 4. purple/veiled cross
    Youth C: 1. sometimes; 2. sort of; 3. 40 days; 4. Jesus in desert, being tempted by satan

  7. Thanks Paul! The Building Faith article should be published soon. I hope we can continue the conversation with a wider circle of friends.