Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lenten Pin A Day: Dark and Dedicate

This late Lenten season has begun with spring ready to burst forth.  Evening light is growing, flowers are blooming, the wretched winter seems to be abating.  It can be a bit difficult to focus on the notion of darkness when the sun has come out from behind the fog.  Yet the upcoming Gospel keeps dark/light in the channels of my mind.  I am known for my love of the dark.  I don't usually turn lights on, especially overhead ones.  Parishoners in my new setting have had to learn that I might be in the office even if the lights are not on.  Dark is also a taste.  A rich, deep taste.  Sometimes woody, sometimes ashen.  One of my true delights in life is a wonderfully pulled espresso drink.  I give espresso up for Lent, for it is my candy.  I continue to set it aside each Lent because of the marvelous joy that first one brings me on Easter day.  The lovely deep beauty of glorious dark heaven rising to my senses.  I appreciate it more because of the time without.

A simple search on Pinterest for dedicate, dedication, dedicated brought up nothing by body altering motivational schemes and statements.  Photos of rock hard abs and weight machines and dozens of pins that seem to shame the simple healthy human body.  There is so much more to be dedicated to.  Dedicated to justice, to peace, to feeding the hungry.  Dedicated to being a light, to loving neighbors and strangers.  Dedication to love the gift you have been given enough to keep it holy, keep it healthy, but not to stretch the bounds of well being for a false image of perfection.  What are you dedicated to?

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