Saturday, July 14, 2018

Letters from Pemberley #2

Dear Kitty,

I made my way into Bath-adelphia yesterday (supposing of course that due to relative size the nearest metropolis is such and the further and larger one is New-London-town). My cause was to discover a few essentials, such as fresh window coverings at the shop of Mr. Ikea. In the same neighborhood, I discovered the most wonderful ale peddler. So many varieties from all across the land that it made me quite faint with joy. You might desire to know that I have pledged to only enjoy the craft of American Atlantic Coastal state establishments at least until the fall. Quite the adventure in acclamation I dare say.

In all my journeys I am never truly at home until all the walls have their accessories and all the beds are properly made up, and that threshold has been met thank goodness. So to do I feel this way about engaging in learning and well-being occasions, such as finding a Yoga Hike through a lovely wooded area nearby. This week I also secured for myself both a library card and an EZpass. Jersey-shire is the type of place with roads and bridges that demand a toll if you want to travel hence. The pass is a little device that helps you from having to slow down quite so much and exchange coins with either a person or a contraption. I hear it is a ‘lifesaver.’  I am still of strong notice that the speeds with which a common person travels are much faster than in our dear home, and not just that of the enthusiastic.  The lawful posted 'limit' is much more than a similar lane would be in Longbor-alla (or Longborn-qurque or Fayett-borne). 

To the North and East there is what they call a Mega-base where all branches of the militia are stationed, along with several other federal endeavors. When I was very young I flew to-and-fro at this very same base, and to this day many immense and loud flying vehicles soar overhead nearly constantly. I know you regularly are impatient with the delays that occur when you find the baroche behind the large and slow equipment of a local farmer, and you would find no freedom from that vexation here. It is now a season of harvest and some days such frightsome machinery passes directly in front of our lodgings.

The chapel on the Grace estate is of a delightful size and smells beautifully of wax(!) candles and the cedar woods from which much of it and made. These pews have not many cushions and with floors of both wood and brick, there is to my mind absolutely no need of amplification. Truly I tell you that the sound of the natural voice proclaiming the Good News can be much louder than anyone might expect. It is a change of style for me to be both presider and preacher, and at two services, back to back. I am finding that I need to make an adjustment in my attention to hydration and care for my voice. I also am reminded of how blessed I have been to have multiple clergy persons serving in a liturgy; here I am the only one and must remember to do all the tasks all by myself. Soon I am sure I will recall each one on each occasion.

Young Liberty is on the mend, and while she does not enjoy her twice daily dose, I do feel that she realizes she is much more herself (much talking and leaping and suggesting that I arise at 3 in the morning), so her struggle against the foul concoction is lessening.  Elder Glory seems to be mostly well, enjoying her spot on an ancient quilt by the window of the sitting room.  Stairs such as these are difficult, however, she does come and go when she feels I need to be offered one of her precious toys. 

Give my warm regards to all, 
and I hope each one of you is blessed with cool rains and deep peace.

Jane, now of PemberTON in South Jersey-shire

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  1. St. Christopher's Springfield, VA acquired pew cushions. Your sister, Maid Mary noted the absence compared to the cushion covered benches at old Pohick.